Model on the Wall

Everything on this planet has potential.

    This planet is full of potential. From the people who inhabit it to the objects we possess and every being and thing in between. Life is full of possibilities to become extraordinary. 

At Jacket Junkie, we believe and base our work on the ideology that every human, animal, plant, and thing on this earth has potential to be more than what originally meets the eye. So often wonderful items are discarded and pushed to the side for newer and shiny ones. What some see as flaws, we embrace as part of its beautiful story. Given the right love and attention, these pieces can blossom into brilliant, bold, and striking works of functional art. 

We renovate everyday items people have left behind and forgotten. We want to allow these pieces to continue their journeys in new and exciting ways while also allowing people to love and embrace these once dismissed pieces. At Jacket Junkie, we draw inspiration from the original piece to fuel our imaginations to create something unique and spectacular. We want each piece to speak to someone’s soul, to be taken home, and loved for years to come. We invite everyone to look around and rejoice in the rejuvenation of each piece and note the journey it has taken from where it once was to the present and see its future. There is no limit to a piece's potential. 

Our pieces are not just about taking something old and making it work today. Our work is about honoring the piece’s history and allowing it to have a future. These pieces are a mirror for so many people; people who were once left behind and forged a new path for themselves. A piece may reflect your own struggles, triumphs, and path to a better tomorrow. 

As people, we often glance over our own power and singularity, but you are unique, bold, and beautiful. You are creating a story worth telling. Our goal and hope is for you to find a piece of art as worthy and distinctive as you are. 

Jacket Junkie gives clothing and furniture the gift of a new life and a future. Items that have been lost to the chaos of the world, forgotten in the never ending cycle of new are being adored and embraced within our store. Whether you have given yourself the opportunities to achieve your potential or your new journey is just starting, we want to help you find the piece that speaks to your soul.