Frequently asked questions

How much of Jacket Junkie's clothing is upcycled?

About 90% of the items listed on the Jacket Junkie website are upcycled items that are combined together to enhance the overall look, feel and texture of the orginal item. Although Jacket Junkie does resell vintage and one of a kind rare pieces, nothing on this site is bought in bulk from the fast fashion industry.

How much clothing is thrown out each year?

Zero Waste America announced in 2020 that close to 20 million tons of clothing will be thrown out in the USA alone, and that 95% of it could have been reused or recycled. There are over 3,000 active municipal solid waste landfills in the United States and over 10,000 old municipal landfills that are no longer being dumped at. A lot of these landfills, whether active or old, produce gas that is vented into the atmosphere making landfills the third-largest source of methane emissions. This poses a HUGE global warming problem.

Does Jacket Junkie follow a fashion trend?

In short, no. Jacket Junkie follows a path less traveled by most fashion designers, although not considered unfashionable. JJ walks a fashion trend all on it's own, owner and artist Sabrina Victoria makes one of kind, rare, loud, empowering pieces that are not found in traditional fast fashion stores, thus creating a unique fashion piece all on it's own without worrying about the fashion trend for the year.

I would like to help the environment, what can I do?

Donating your clothes to a Goodwill rather than throwing them away is ALWAYS a good idea when trying to help with the drain that fast fashion has on our environment. Your garmet will be resold as a dull afterthought, and lead a mundune life of going to Wal-Mart and getting gas. But, although Jacket Junkie is not a nonprofit, you are more than welcome to donate your clothes to us, here in the South Florida area. I guarantee your clothing will be transformed into a loud, bright, unique piece and will be given a new life of dancing on a brightly infused night club floor, stealing a first kiss from a cute boy in a comedy club parking lot, mid morning double dates at a fancy cafe or walking the busy streets of New York on a gorgeous sunny day. Feel free to email us at: 365@sabrinavictoria.com for more details. If you don't live in South Florida, we don't have a means to get your clothes at the moment, but we are working dilegently on a solution for that.