Meet Sabrina Victoria

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sabrina victoria

Sabrina Victoria began selling her clothes in secret, on eBay as a way to save money. At the time, she was in a financially, emotionally, and mentally abusive relationship; she eventually saved enough to escape. With time, she became a pro at mending used items and finding ways to enhance each piece’s unique qualities in order to resell them. After two years of reselling, expanding her inventory, and creating space in her home, Sabrina Victoria decided to create Jacket Junkie. The company was created to find the soul of each piece by refurbishing, reusing, and recycling them into one of a kind pieces instead of allowing them to be forgotten in a landfill. She believes every thing and person deserves a second chance to live a full and beautiful life. At one time these pieces were her path to a second chance free from abuse, and now, she is their way to a second chance. Each piece is infused with Sabrina’s style combination of boho, romantic, vintage, with a modern flair. After breathing life back into each piece, Sabrina Victoria finds each piece a home where it can have a beautiful life for years to come. 

I inspire women to reach deep into their souls and pull out their inner being, after all, it's brilliance has been waiting to emerge for years.


-Sabrina Victoria